Mythbuster blog #4

In the school systems the aspect of food is not the only thing that is important when considering the health of a child. People also need to take in account that exercise and movement is equally important for children. I know this serves as true for me, but there is only so much sitting and being quiet that a child can do in a period of time. It is necessary for the children to get up and take a break throughout every school day. This is typically when “P.E” classes come into effect. If you were to ask adults or students in college what their P.E. classes were like in elementary school, most likely the answer would be, “It was just an entertainment class, or it was just used to babysit and give the children a scapegoat to burn off their energy.” This is just how it was for me growing up. P.E. classes would just be a glorified babysitting service where the coaches would just let the children run around and do whatever they pleased. There are the kids (mostly boys) who would run around full force while the others (mostly girls) would just sit around and watch.

It is very important to have structured physical education classes for the betterment of the health of the children. But, because of the budget cuts in the school systems, the first of the classes to be cut is typically the physical education classes. With this comes the greater increase of obesity in children. Obesity affects the child’s social life and it also affects their learning. This is something that is overlooked but can be easily prevented. If the budget cuts were applied to things that were not necessary and the physical education classes were left in the everyday routine, then the physical well being of the child would be significantly better. With the combination of healthier food plans and structural physical education classes, children would not only improve their mental, physical and emotional health, but they would also improve their learning abilities.


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