Mythbuster #5

During the time that I have been working on my Mythbuster project, I have learned that there is much more than meets the eye with working behind the scenes in the school system. Most of the time, all the effort that is put into the school system is about the lesson plans and how to get the most out of the class time. Don’t get me wrong, that is an extremely important aspect of it, as it should be, but there is also other factors that you have to take in account. To have a healthy mind, you have to have a healthy body and healthy habits. For this project, I researched the healthy aspect of it with the food system and the physical education. It is very important for the children to have to chance to get healthy foods while at school so that it can fuel their minds for learning. It is also important for them to be able to get physical activity in throughout the day, so that they have a chance to give their minds a break while also working on their overall well-being.

With dealing with the school system it can be a very in depth and touchy subject. The government plays a huge role and it can be challenging to have a conversation about it with trying not to step on anyone’s toes. With this topic one can go one forever with doing research and learning. One of the main questions that I have left is “Why are the budget cuts used on stuff that should be obviously necessary for healthy children such as the food and physical exercise?” Of course this is a question that is not easily answered. If I continued the research I would just dig deeper as to what would be an easy way to incorporate the “healthy” aspect into the budget cuts.


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