Blog 3

Tuesday in class, Nadine Cohen came to visit to inform us about all of the helpful tips the UGA library can offer. She went through a detailed description about how we can access the UGA library from home, which will make research so much easier. She also showed us how we can use Galileo to find articles for our Mythbusters project. I have used Galileo numerous times for research papers, but I have never known how to narrow down my search for specific things.

Since this class is based for preparing us to be a teacher in classroom setting, ERIC is a great tool for us to use. It was created by the US Department of Education, and It contains numerous peer articles, reports, and state/local school articles. By using ERIC it will help eliminate all of the other articles that will not be helpful during my project that is dealing with the food system in schools. Mrs. Cohen also showed a helpful tip about searching for an article. She showed us different ways that you could put your topic in the search box to make the search more related to your topic. Since I am dissecting the food system in schools, it will help my search go more smoothly by eliminating the articles.

For my Mythbusters project, Galileo will help out a lot for me to find articles about food in the education system. There are many articles online that is related to my topic, however it is mainly opinion based and is not very credited. With all of the new tricks that Mrs. Cohen showed us, I will be able to find credible articles that will help for my project. I had no idea how many different directions I could turn with my topic, but by researching Galileo I found so many interesting aspects that I can link to my project.


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