Mythbusters blog 2

For my mythbusters project I decided to look into the topic of food in the school systems. There are so many different directions and paths that one could research for this topic, but I am going to mainly focus on the question, “should schools be able to control the amount and types of food that students receive, and does it really help the students health?”

I know that it is always a sticky topic when you bring up the government, but there is just no away to avoid it when it comes to the school system. For as long as I can remember there has always been laws passed that require the school system to do different things. Michelle Obama decided that she was going to try to reduce childhood obesity by requiring the school system to make major changes within the lunchroom. The school systems were required to take away the fried foods, the soft drinks, and only allow sweet foods occassionally. It was a great attempt on her behalf, however there is always going to be people unhappy. The question that everyone wants to know, is how much is it actually helping the students.

I recently read this article that talks about how the government is even going to the extreme as to control the billboards and signs that are put up around the school that might advertise unhealthy foods. Yes, the schools have the option to not participate in the government regulations, but if they opt out of participating then they lose all of the government funding. With coming from a private school that did not have any government funding, I know how hard it is to financially support a running school. It takes a lot of effort and time to raise enough money to run a school. So, even though the schools get an option on participating or not, it still limits their decision because of the financial reasons.



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